Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aside of "Flies"

Following my posting of March 1, "Would You Like Flies With That," I received an email from legendary Jim Hanley himself. Being the magnanimous person that he is, he expressed his enjoyment reading the story (My face hasn't been this red since I retired the suit!) and even sent me a copy of a newspaper ad which promoted the event. The ad reveals that the appearances actually took place on Wednesday evenings (I had originally written of their taking place on the weekend), which I have since amended in the original post. He also provided some follow-up info, reminding me that Jim Hanley's Universe had finally scored a retail spot—with walls and eveything—in the mall in 1988, which he successfully ran for a year and a half before deciding he'd had enough of the cutthroat world of mall politics. I urge everyone to visit Jim's store in Manhattan (4 West 33rd St.) whether you're a comics fan or not. His store features not only row upon row of comics—everything from Donald Duck to Watchmen—but also action figures, books, T-shirts, statuary, magazines and related pop culture tchotchkes and ephemera, all of it cool. I defy anyone to not find something of interest. Tell 'em Spidey sent ya!

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