Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Is It?

This past weekend, I attended the 2009 SPX (Small Press Expo) as an exhibitor for Fanfare/Ponent Mon, a small U.K. publisher of translated European and Japanese graphic novels. SPX is one of the first, largest and best conventions for independent comic book creators and publishers, and is held annually in Bethesda, Maryland.

The above piece was drawn by 4-year-old Adam Dembicki, whose dad, Matt, is the creator of Xoc, a mini-comic, which was nominated for an Ignatz Award—the indie comic equivalent of an Oscar, named after the brick-throwing mouse of George Herriman's newspaper strip, Krazy Kat—in the category of Best Mini-Comic. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Matt during the show.

Adam spent a good deal of time keeping his dad company at the two-day event. He was an adorable, precocious, but very well-behaved, child who passed the time drawing at the table. As he was completing this masterpiece, he noticed my watching him. With a cheerful grin, he turned and handed me the work, which he subsequently signed after his father's "Aren't you going to sign it for the gentleman" prompting.

It only took me a moment to recognized what Adam had captured in his deceptively simple pencil drawing. But can you?


John III said...

Well, me being a Star Wars fan and all.... I'm thinking Tie Fighters, X-Wings, and the Death Star (it's shooting its laser too) And I believe that is the Millinieum Falcon in the left corner of the page?
Do I get a No-Prize?

Vroom! said...

We have a winner, folks!

I was duly impressed when I saw it. He drew the climactic scene from memory, using a few simple lines. I mean, he's only 4!!!

John III said...

Wow, that is pretty cool. I remember drawing Super Heroes around 4 or 5. I think (I hope) my mom still has them. The fun things one can do with crayons!

Matt D. said...

Hey, Steve
Matt Dembicki here...this is awesome! Thanks for posting the drawing! Adam's been going to SPX with me since he was born. He even got Harvey Pekar to crack a smile once.:) He's way surpassed me in coolness.

Vroom! said...

Hi Matt!
You were a great neighbor at the show. I enjoyed Adam's company. Any time I was feeling run down and needed a pick-me-up, I'd glance over to him. He'd flash that heart-melting smile of his and I'd be set for another few hours.

My only regret is not grabbing the copy of Xoc that you offered during set-up. I was afraid I'd lose it or it would get messed up in the shuffle of setting up. Then when the show ended, I had a long drive to NYC facing me and my only thought was to get out of Dodge. I won't be so stupid next time.

Continued luck on your career!


Matthew Dembicki said...

E-mail me your mailing address and I'll put a copy in the mail. It'd be my pleasure! My e-mail: threecrowspress(at)gmail(dot)com